Cash Noire slot

Cash Noire Online Slot by NetEnt

Cash Noire Online Slot by NetEnt. Who’s your favorite detective? Sherlock Holmes? Sam Spade? Nothing like going on a tour of the crime-ridden underworld with a gritty, wise-cracking detective as your guide, especially when there’s a gorgeous femme fatale involved. Cash Noir has it all, including the femme fatale! It takes a special kind of crazy to step into the shadows. Have you got what it takes?

Focus on the Game

A mysterious murder case needs solving in NetEnt’s latest slot Cash Noir. 5 reels. 4 rows. NetEnt utilizes its famous avalanche mechanic again: symbols that form winning combinations disappear, and are replaced by falling symbols that create new chances to win!


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Mystery Symbols transform into random symbols and give you more chances to win! Getting into Free Spins gives you the chance to chase a mysterious criminal through the winding city streets. Unlock Multipliers for a chance to land some juicy wins!

You are thrown into the world of Crime fiction from the moment the game loads. The reels are set in a dark room, with a mysterious woman smoking besides the reels. It looks like she’s waiting for someone. This game is one of our new favorites, read on to find out more about Cash Noir.


Cash Noir packs an RTP of 96.06%. With a min bet of €0.20 and max bet €200, this low volatility slot is a great game for casual players. If lady luck is in a really, really, REALLY good mood, you have a chance to win 1033 times your bet. So seasoned high rollers should get a kick out of this game as well… especially in the Free Rounds.

Background story

It all started with the Green Ace murders, the most infamous cold case in San Cayetano’s history. Illegal card games are popular in San Cayetano, and the back room at the Cat’s Eye bar is a favorite spot for players to meet and play. Sometimes games get heated, but arguments are usually resolved with a few choice words and fists slammed on the whiskey-soaked table. But that changed on that faithful morning, when the body of a man was found dead, slumped back in his chair, with multiple stab wounds, and with a Green Ace card tucked neatly between his teeth.

No one seemed to know what happened. It’s as though the man had been murdered by ghosts. Lola Leclair, the owner of the Cat’s Eye, did her best to cover up the mess, to protect her business. And she succeeded, for a while. But then another body was found at the Cat’s Eye, and then another. It was only a matter of time before the police stepped in, and the mystery of the Green Ace murders was born.

The city of San Cayetano was awash with stories of who killed the victims at The Cat’s Eye. Each person had a different tale to tell. The one thing that everyone agreed on was that a known criminal had been present at the time the first murder took place: a criminal known as Pit Viper. But the good people of San Cayetano know not to speak his name too loudly in public. In San Cayetano, bad things seem to happen to those who talk too much.

Years after the case, Detective Tom Flint has decided to return to the Green Ace murders once again. A new clue that might help to finally solve the legendary murders has been discovered.

The Mystery Symbol

The Mystery Symbol is one of the most intriguing features about Cash Noir. If you hit a no-win spin (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us!) the Mystery Symbol is your best friend. If it lands outside the crime zone, it transforms into a regular random symbol, giving you a second chance to win. If this symbol lands inside the crime zone, it reveals a random symbol, and clones itself throughout all the spots of the pattern. Looks like crime does pay after all!

The Crime Zone

Detective Flint has got his eye on the crime zone! The focus of Cash Noir is around the crime zone which is marked out in glowing red, and shifts on every new spin. On the left side of your screen are clues. Each winning symbol inside the Crime Zone unlocks a clue. When a number of clues are activated, the crime zone expands.

Free Spins – the chase!

Unlock all the clues to piece together the puzzle, and reveal Free Spins! Here, the chase begins! Follow the bad guy through the city and unlock new Free Spins and Multipliers. Landing a winning symbol inside the crime zone moves you closer to your mysterious target. In Free Spins, the Crime Zone pattern always covers 5 spots… so hit the gas, buster!

The Map

During Free Spins, you’ll see a map on the left side of your screen. A car shows your position on the map – you’re chasing the bad guy! If you can get all the way through the winding city streets, you will unlock a multiplier of 10 that can deliver a big payout! Case closed!

The Multiplier

There’s good reason for why players love Free Spins – it pays well! Cash Noir is no exception. If you land on the Extra Free Spins marker on the map, 2 Extra Free Spins are awarded. In Free Spins, a Multiplier is activated. Every 7 locations on the map, the multiplier increases by 1! On the top of your screen is a meter that displays the positions in which the Multiplier progresses and the Extra Free Spins are awarded. The arm of the law is long… and Detective Flint will stop at nothing to solve the mystery of who was behind the Green Ace murders.

Graphics and Sound

The 1930s are brought to life in the form of a slot game! The genre of American Hard-boiled detective fiction is faithfully reproduced in Cash Noir. You can definitely tell that our artists and sound guys love the Crime genre. The game looks awesome! All the characters in this epic story are depicted with high detail.

Throughout the slot, Detective Flint offers up his own commentary. This is typical of the genre, made famous in Dashiell Hamett’s stories where the Detective recounts the seedy stories of his adventures to the reader. Humphry Bogart would be proud!


NetEnt are among the leading online slot providers worldwide. Over decades, the company has developed a brand that is trusted by players all over the world. All its games are certified and licensed by independent regulatory authorities that ensure that the games are provably fair and work as advertised, and Cash Noir is no exception!


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